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What is a Metaverse

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A metaverse is an environment where humans interact socially and economically as avatars in a cyberspace, acting as a metaphor for the real world but without its physical or economic limitations. The concept was coined in 1992 by the American writer Neal Stephenson, in the novel Snow Crash (1992), where he describes a collective virtual… Read More »What is a Metaverse

¿What is a cold wallet?

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¿What is a cold wallet? Cold storage solves this problem by signing transactions with a private key in an offline environment. Transactions initiated online are temporarily transferred to an offline wallet stored on a device such as a USB stick, CD, hard drive, paper or offline computer and digitally signed before being sent to the online network.

¿What is a hot wallet?

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¿What is a hot wallet? Buying cryptocurrency for the first time can be very intimidating and there is a lot you need to know. Today, we will talk about hot wallets.

Chia Paradox

Chia Paradox. The success of another project, called Chia Network, which is based on a more responsible consumption of resources and has the support of big names, seems closer than ever.

Future in the Metaverse

Future in the Metaverse. Progress is unstoppable. Our possibilities are constantly expanding in all aspects of our lives. In other words, there are always new things that enrich our lives.