Terra LUNA

Tether’s CTO talks about UST; How is it different from USDT? Tether and Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino was the last guest on this week’s Reimagine Unplugged podcast, where he talked about the UST-LUNA crash, and shared his thoughts on it. The Terra (LUNA) project, according to Ardoino, was not intended to be a tug of …

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Dogecoin the meme currency

Dogecoin the meme currency Dogecoin: a joke turned into money In the digital currency marketthere are a large number of options, each one highlighted by some characteristic that identifies it and differentiates them from the rest, and among all, one stands out for its particular way of approaching cryptocurrencies as something fun., using as a logo the image of a …

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Uncover soul-bound tokens: What the new KYC exam means for the crypto ecosystem. Revealing Soul-Bound Tokens: What the New KYC Audit Means for the Crypto EcosystemThe cryptocurrency sector has gained tremendous importance since its inception, but it’s just as dangerous. Given the growing risk, exchanges have introduced the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) protection measure to …

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¿What is a cold wallet?

¿What is a cold wallet? Cold storage solves this problem by signing transactions with a private key in an offline environment. Transactions initiated online are temporarily transferred to an offline wallet stored on a device such as a USB stick, CD, hard drive, paper or offline computer and digitally signed before being sent to the online network.